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Identifying the Gap – The Tool to Selling


As a business person, you’re almost always selling. And when you sell, you have to become a “Problem Detective” of a sort. You need to identify gaps between your product or service and how it ideally helps solve a prospect’s problem.

Your solution, service or product, is more like a key. You have to find the right door that it unlocks by making phone calls and reaching out to prospects. It is while presenting your solution that you are twisting the key to find out how to ‘open the lock’. As you close your presentation, it’s the phase where you turn the handle to finally push open the door.

Ask the Right Questions

Questions are effective tools for selling. People don’t use them enough when trying to sell. Asking questions help you gain clarity of a need or problem, reveal new problems, and most importantly identify the gaps between the prospect’s need how your product or service could meet that need. The prospect has to get to the point where he appreciates how his situation can change by owning your product or service.

Clarify the Prospect’s Need

Before presenting the features of your product or service, try to clarify the prospects’ needs, with a focus to also clarifying what could happen to that need after they have bought or used your product or service. You would have done a good job when the gap is clear enough to the prospect that such that he is persuaded enough to take some action.

Increase the Prospect’s Desire to Buy

It must be clear to the buyer that your solution is in direct proportion to the buyer’s need…or greater. Let your goal be to increase the buyer’s desire. You can do this by skillfully asking the right questions to identify the gap between the buyer’s need and your product or service’s solution, and then making it clearer each time how that gap can be closed with your product or service.

In Conclusion

When selling, always make sure you understand the real need of the customer. Practice active listening and don’t assume you already know. Don’t focus on just selling the product; focus on solving the customer’s problem and see how your product/service could do that, or how you could improve on it to do that.

When the prospective buyer can easily see how buying or using your product or service can close the gap with his need, you would have increased the likelihood of his desire to buy. When you have mastered this, your marketing efforts should focus on continually showing the size of that gap, and your product’s fit to closing it.

To your success!

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